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So what is a pre-purchase building inspection report?

This is basically a document outlining any major and minor defects found during the inspection.

Such problems can include anything from major structural defects to leaking plumbing.

As part of the process, we will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report that covers the structural viability of the property.

At Realestate Inspections Pty Ltd our primary job is to ensure that you are fully aware of any issues that could have an effect on the final purchase price you are prepared to pay.

We provide potential home buyers and investors with a complete report on a building’s condition in order to uncover and report on any potential or existing problems.

This means that we can help save you a significant amount of time, stress and money when buying, building or maintaining a property.


Since we have absolutely no relationship with either builders or vendors, you can rest assured that all inspections protect your interests and no one else.


A pest inspection with Realestate Inspections Pty Ltd can help ensure your new property is pest free!


One of the most structurally and financially damaging issues that can be fall a building is the infiltration of timber pests such as termites, wood rot and wood borer. These infiltrations may be a direct result of either external or internal entries, and are all the more dangerous because they are often well concealed within the building.


A pest inspection beforehand will uncover these problems now, before purchase, so you don’t have to discover them the MORE expensive way.


Our inspections have helped a large number of prospective home buyers avoid making a costly mistake when buying, building or performing maintenance on a house.

We can help ensure you are fully aware of the property’s structural integrity, and can help you negotiate a more appropriate offer price.


There is NO Insurance Cover for Termite damage!

Realestate Inspections Pty Ltd is a licensed, registered and insured inspection company with a wealth of experience in the Building & Pest Inspection industry.


The Realestate Inspection team will provide inspections which are extremely thorough and informative, and every client leaves the inspection knowing about any potential concerns with their new property purchase.


They know that time can be of the essence to you and your family, therefore they are available immediately and can carry out all inspections at very short notice. Once completed, you will receive the fully detailed report, complete with high-density photographs.


Whether you’re buying a new property and want to be sure of what you’re getting or selling a property and want to eliminate possible problems that could delay or lose a sale.


Or, just want a professional to inspect and advise you on the condition and maintenance or safety recommendations of your current home, we are here to help.

Real Estate Inspections Pty Ltd is HouseSafe Training and Education accredited.




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